We do a lot of the “legwork” and screening for you so that you don't waste your time. Our Buy-Side services include:

​  1. Assistance in establishing investment criteria
  2. Evaluation of industries of interest
  3. Acquisition search
  4. Vetting of target companies
  5. Arrangement and assistance with site visits
  6. Detailed financial and operational evaluation of target company
  7. Assistance in preparation of offers to purchase
  8. Negotiation on your behalf
  9. Consultation with legal and accounting professionals to structure the transaction
10. Finalization of Purchase Agreement
11. Assistance in due diligence
12. Assistance in obtaining financing
13. Assistance with closing documents and closing
14. Assistance with transition
15. Assistance with post-transition issues

In matching you or your company with the ideal acquisition candidate, we look at more than just financials, location and size. The company must have an attainable strategic market position. The company culture must match your personality and operational philosophies. All companies have weaknesses. Manageable problems can sometimes create a favorable buying opportunity. We make sure that you have a realistic plan for addressing the negative issues within the target company. And, finally, stability of the workforce is critical in making your business life comfortable. We help you evaluate the professionalism, experience levels and tenure of the existing workforce. We make sure you don’t “fall in love” with a company and that you evaluate the prospective investment objectively based on its merits. You cannot afford to make a mistake.

If you are interested in an acquisition, please take advantage of our Buy-Side practice by contacting us today.

stock vs. Asset sale
Representation in the buying process

Buying a Business

If you are looking to make an investment in a new business or your company is looking to grow through an acquisition, Summit Partners can assist identifying, vetting and closing on the ideal target company that meets your strict investment criteria. 

Depending on the type of entity (C-Corp, Sub-S Corp, LLC, Partnership, etc), we will work with your financial and legal counsel to structure the most tax-advantageous transaction for you. Both positive and negative impacts of a stock vs. asset sale will be considered. Often, what is advantageous to a buyer creates adverse tax consequences for the seller, and vice versa. From the buyer’s perspective, a stock purchase may bring with it liability issues and reduced available depreciation. A stock purchase, however, may reduce the tax liability of the seller. Sometimes, licensing issues dictate a stock sale. Loans to and from a principal are treated differently in a stock vs. an asset sale. Many variables must be addressed and a happy medium must be reached. We have access to some of the most experienced legal and accounting professionals in the southeast to assist in structuring your transaction.